'the ford over the river where the alder trees grow'


The Local Plan Process Explained

Alresford – the next 20 Years

Busy Needs Groups

Since Winchester City Council launched the Local Plan Part 2 process in January, more than 100 townspeople and Councillors have been working hard to consider and state clearly the development needs of the town.  The work has been focused around four “Needs Groups” whose findings will be displayed for the afternoon and evening of 25 April 2013.

The Needs Group Reports and an overarching summary can be seen at these links:

Passionate about Alresford

The meetings on the Local Plan have demonstrated once again the strong attachment that people feel to the town and their determination to preserve its charm and character.  At the same time, the desire to welcome the new families who are needed to ensure a thriving community has shown itself strongly and several people have contributed significant packages of work on such things as the mix of types of house that is conducive to a vibrant population.

Moving on

During December 2013 we will be meeting with Needs Groups members to consider each of the sites proposed for development against our needs.  Following that meeting there will be a Public meeting to discuss these sites on Tuesday 7 January at the ARC commencing at 2pm with a questions and answer session at 7.30 p.m. for 1 hour.  At that meeting, there will e information on how to give feedback on the recommendations, plus a link will be added to the website from the 7th January to gain on-line responses during the 6 week consultation period."

Thanks to you

The Town Council very much appreciates the enthusiasm of those who have shown so much interest so far and hope that you will continue to participate in this important work.  We all love Alresford but it needs to be nurtured, so thanks again for getting “stuck in”.