New Alresford Town Council

Full Council Meeting

Held at the Alresford Recreation Centre

7.30pm Tuesday 1st March, 2011

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Cllrs. Gentry, Evans,  Middleton, Power, Read, Yeldham


In Attendance

 City Cllr. Cook, Mr. Peter Pooley



Cllrs : Cattle, B. Jeffs, Luckham, Phillips, (County - Cllr. Porter) (City Cllr. E. Jeffs)



Resignation of Cllr.  - It was reported that Cllr. Mansfield had resigned due to family commitments and failing health.  Cllr. Mansfield has also resigned as a Town Trustee. 



Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items



Name: Cllr. Gentry.  Item: Town Trust Eel House Grant Application. (Minute 1084.1) Type: Personal and Prejudicial. Reason:  Cllr. Gentry is a Council appointed Town Trustee. 



Name: Cllr. Middleton.  Item: Planning - Oak Hill planning application (Minute 1088.4) Type: Personal and Prejudicial. Reason:  Cllr. Middleton is the land owner and applicant. 



Name: Cllr. Power.  Item: Parking Management (Minute 1087) Type: Personal Reason:  Cllr. Power is a City Cllr. 



Name: Cllr. Gentry.  Item: Planning Application - Stiles Yard (Minute 1088.4) Type: Personal Reason:  Cllr. Gentry has personal connections with the applicant. 



Minutes of Meeting held 1st February, 2011 - Resolution: To approve the minutes of the 1st February, 2011 as true and accurate.  Proposed: Cllr. Middleton  Seconded: Cllr. Power (AGREED).   



Items Carried Forward - None



City/District Cllr. - Written reports had been received.  Cllr. Cook reported that the Spring Garden development had been approved.  As this was a reserved sites the building of 33 houses had been allowed.




Police - No report



Public Participation                                   Meeting adjourn

J. Seligman was concerned that the West Street Bus Stop extension frequently caused traffic hold-ups.  She had written to Council about this matter but had only received an acknowledgement of the letter but no response to her concerns had been given.  NATC gave an apology for the lack of response.  It was explained that initially it had been considered this Bus Stop should be located outside the co-op.  The reason that the Bus Stop had been extended into the road was to stop the bay being used as a parking bay.  The bus was frequently forced to stop in the middle of the road and passengers were required to negotiate around the parked vehicle to get on or off the bus and the existing extension proved to be safer for passengers.  The process resulted in a maximum of 2 minutes per bus which was not excessive traffic waiting time.  The ramp although not well designed helped the disabled and was preferable to the steps.

P. Poole thanked Cllr. Porter for her input into the removal of the East Street steps.  He was dismayed over the Spring Gardens planning outcome acknowledging that although this development was not within the Alresford boundary it did impact on the Town.  The refusal of the Long Barn application was reported as being a disappointment as it was considered to be an attractive enterprise of value to the Town and also provides employment.  He felt this refusal was bizarre and in light of the community support was an anti-community decision.  NATC commented that Long Barn continued to make retrospective planning applications.  Cllr. Cook said that the Long Barn application had been refused on planning policy and enforcement grounds.  Despite public support it was consider that if this application had been allowed it would be opening opportunity for these breach to be ignored.  Long Barn could appeal the decision with a new application which took into account all the planning conditions.   Meeting reconvened.











Chairman’s Report - Sun Lane The Sun Lane pedestrian Footway had been completed and was a first class job.  CPO A meeting had taken place with a new Barrister and this matter would be discussed later in the meeting.  ARC Bar As tasked by Council negotiations had taken place with Greene King resulting in a better outcome and the work on the main bar was being scheduled to go ahead. Tree Saplings The tree saplings had been planted at both Stratton Bates and Arlebury Park.  Grit Bins The Chairman was happy to report that Grit Bins were being installed throughout the Town although the Broad Street Grit Bin needed to be moved along slightly as it’s current position was inconveniently placed.






Year to Date: - The year to Date figures incorporated the 2010/11 year end forecast and it was recommended that the following actions be taken:-

a.   An additional £1900 is added to general reserves taking them to £74000, just over 30% of the precept.

b.   Consideration be given to paying the £1000 Eel House Grant in this Financial Year (See Grants Min. 1084.1)

c.   Specific reserves be created for the Stratton Bates project (£5k) and Arlebury Park Building refurbishment (£5k).

d.    £7k be provided in respect of the ARC Refreshment Facility, to be repaid from future profits, or to cover any write off should a decision be taken to cease the facility.

d.                   Resolution:  To make the above recommended provisions in the year end accounts for 2010/11.

Proposed:  Cllr. Gentry   Seconded:  Cllr. Middleton (AGREED).

The Chamber of Commerce grant of £500 could be reconsidered at the April meeting.  The ARC was now controlling wastage and casual staff. 



Payments:   Resolution: To approve January Payments of £31,072.04.

Proposed:  Cllr. Power.  Seconded:  Cllr.  Middleton. (AGREED).   The Slatter soft surfacing at Sun Hill needs to be levelled as it is currently a little too high which will result in damage.






Cllr. Gentry left the meeting (See Declarations of Interest Min. 1076.1)

Town Trust Eel House Resolution:  To make a grant of £1000 to the Eel House restoration fund, for the provision of new sluices.  Proposed:  Cllr. Power.  Seconded:  Cllr.  Read. (AGREED). 

Cllr. Gentry returned to the meeting



FACABO Resolution: To pay the remaining FACACO grant of £750 in the 10/11 financial year.

Proposed: Cllr. Gentry.  Seconded: Cllr. Power (AGREED).  The Clerk to inform FACABO that the pledged grant of £1,000 for 11/12 had now been paid in full and that this early settlement was not a precedent for future grants.  Future grants would be paid during the applicable Financial Year. 






Resolution: To approve NATC applying for planning permission to cover the second rugby pitch to the north of the area already approved for pitches. Proposed: Cllr. Gentry  Seconded: Cllr. Middleton  (AGREED)



Resolution: To approve a public meeting to be held on 24th March, 2011 to give community the feedback on NATC’s acquisition of rugby pitches.  Proposed: Cllr. Gentry Seconded: Cllr. Power (AGREED) 






Gaming Machines.  The ARC Bar Manager had found a supplier who would install gaming machines at no installation cost and with a 50% return on all takings.  No penalties are applied for low or no usage and all machines are supplied with the necessary licensing in place.

Resolution:  To install a quiz and/or fruit machine in the small bar. Proposed: Cllr. Middleton.  Seconded: Cllr. Read (AGREED)  Bar Manager to arrange



Parking Management. (See Declarations of Interest Min. 1076.3- Cllr. Power)



Resolution:  To introduce Pay & Display at Arlebury Park from Monday to Friday with the first 2 hours free. Proposed: Cllr. Power.  Seconded: Cllr. Read. (AGREED)  Clerk to arrange



Resolution:  For the Town Council to make a contribution of £3500 per annum to Winchester City Council in order for them to provide Monday to Saturday CEO a coverage of the town from approximately 9.30 - 4.30 and for the use of the Town Council offices by the CEO.  This to initially be for a six months trial to ensure there was flexibility in the enforcement and operational hours. Proposed: Cllr. Middleton.  Seconded: Cllr. Power (AGREED) (Cllr. Evans voted against this resolution)



Committee Reports



Recreation Committee



Music Festival Resolution: To approve the use of Stratton Bates as an overflow car park for the Music Festival on 18th June. Proposed: Cllr. Middleton.  Seconded: Cllr. Yeldham (AGREED).  As this was the 2nd year this resolution had been approved the Town Clerk now has the authority to grant this resolution without Council notification.



Litter Bin Resolution: To purchase and install a concrete litter bin at the Youth Shelter location at a cost of £350 including installation. Proposed: Cllr. Middleton.  Seconded: Cllr. Power. (AGREED)



Youth/Police Event Resolution:  To approve the Police and Youth Group to hold an event in respect of the newly installed Youth Shelter.  Proposed:  Cllr. Power  Seconded:  Cllr. Evans (AGREED)

The Council agreed to the Street Dancing Exhibition but reject a Youth Shelter graffiti competition.



Environment Committee



Annual Litter Clearance - Resolution: To hold the Annual Litter Clearance on the 7th May. Proposed: Cllr. Yeldham. Seconded: Cllr. Read. (AGREED)  Clerk to arrange



Litter Containment Resolution:  To increase the litter containment position by 4 hours with the total budget for this work of £5k being administered by the Town Clerk.  Proposed: Cllr. Gentry. Seconded: Cllr. Middleton. (AGREED)



Tourism Committee



Visitor Information Point - Resolution: To discontinue NATC funding of the Visitor Information Point (VIP) telephone connection. Proposed: Cllr. Read.  Seconded: Cllr. Power (AGREED)



Planning Committee  It was reported by Mr. Pooley that of the planning applications reviewed he was bringing two applications to the Councils attention. Oakcroft Cllr. Middleton left the meeting (See Declarations of Interest Min. 1076.2) This application had been resubmitted due to insufficient parking and one of the properties having insufficient garden space.  The resubmission had taken care of these points and the Planning Committee therefore commented that they could see no objection to this resubmitted application.  Mr. Pooley informed Council that Cllr. Middleton had behaved with rectitude on this matter. Cllr. Middleton returned to the meeting.  Stiles Yard (See Declarations of Interest Min. 1076.4- Cllr. Gentry) The Planning Committee had objected to knocking the building down and recommended a resubmission for the new build using reclaimed materials. 



Blueprint Feedback Resolution: To approve the following three Council representatives for the blueprint feedback meeting on the 14th March.  Cllrs. Gentry, Power and B. Jeffs.  Proposed:  Cllr. Yeldham.  Seconded:  Cllr. Evans (AGREED)   Clerk to ascertain whether the meeting can be held at the ARC.



Building Maintenance The Churches Maintenance Services rates were considered acceptable but the quotes on items in the scope of works needed justifying.  The Clerk to query these quotes and to seek further maintenance quotations for this work. 



Reports from Outside Bodies


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Chamber of Commerce - The Chamber is entering the ‘Come Dine with Me’ Street party competition to commemorate the forthcoming Royal Wedding and will arrange a street party for 30 people in Broad Street.




Town Trust  -  Written report distributed. 



Perins Trust - No meeting.



WDA - No report.



Alresford Society  No meeting.



Greening/Climate Change  -  Next meeting John Pearson Hall 3rd March. 



Meeting Schedule



Annual Town Meeting Time: 7.30.  Date: 15th March 2011.  Location: Alresford Recreation Centre, Upper Meeting Room.



Full Town Meeting Time: 7.30.  Date: 5th April 2011.  Location: Alresford Recreation Centre, Upper Meeting Room.



ATCM/May Full Town  Due to the forthcoming elections to be held on 5th May the May ATCM to be rescheduled.  Resolution: To reschedule the May ATCM and Full Town Meeting to Tuesday 10th May, 2011. Proposed: Cllr. Gentry. Seconded: Cllr. Power (AGREED)



                                                                             Meeting closed at 10.00 pm





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