Open Space Meeting 8th June 7.30 ARC

This Meeting has been convened to reconstitute an Open Space Needs Group in order to investigate open space needs for the proposed Sun Hill LPP2 site.

The ‘tip’ is under threat of closure!

Hampshire County Council has launched its threatened consultation that could see the Alresford Household Waste Recycling Centre, our ‘tip’, with at worst closure or reduced services and opening hours. “Hampshire County Council has launched a ten-week public consultation (beginning Wednesday 16 March) to ask residents how they think savings can best be made in the […]

Town Council Report: April 2016

There has been a hint, just the smallest hint, of summer in the air this last week; the fresh blue skies and the unashamedly amorous wood pigeons have brought a welcome, if more imagined than real, warmth to the days. Rubbish!, you may say, and you’re entitled to your opinion but, funnily enough, rubbish is […]