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In order to ensure that the watering of the baskets is undertaken on a regular basis the Council requires an additional person to back up the existing team members. This task is carried out from May until October and the schedule of work is shared. The rate of pay is currently £36.00 per session.

Applicants should apply in writing or e-mail.

Local Alresford Bus Service

The AB1 route is now covered by the 240 service on Mondays and Thursdays.
240 Timetable

Council Tax Information


The photo booth previously located in the Post Office has been re-located to the lobby of the ARC and is available for public use at any time the building is open.

Alresford Recreation Centre

The ARC is available for use by the whole community. Meeting rooms are available free of charge to organisations and clubs in Alresford and the large function room is available at very competitive rates. More information is available here.

Lost Property

Lost property found at any of the Recreation sites should be handed in at the Council Offices which is located in the Alresford Recreation Centre, Arlebury Park off The Avenue.  We currently hold a number of lost items so please either drop in or telephone the office if you think you may have lost something on any of the Recreation Grounds

Alresford Local Plan

At a Public Meeting in May the Town Council was asked to prepare an alternative scheme to the Sun Lane (Site 277) proposal. Following this an exhibition of alternative schemes was held and a further Public Meeting held in July.

After reviewing all the comments received, the Town Council is now minded to endorse the resolution it passed earlier this year in favour of the Sun Lane site. This is further strengthened by our discussions with Winchester City Council (WCC).

We feel that the Council should now focus on the way forward and the Town Council will be meeting on Tuesday 29 July to debate the endorsement of the February resolution and campaigning for the following as the Local Plan progresses. (NB This will be a meeting open to the public but is not a Public Meeting. There will be a 15 minute slot for Public Participation and any speaker will be limited to three minutes. No other public participation will be permitted.)

A comprehensive traffic plan before any planning application is considered including:

  • Access to the bypass being built before any construction work takes place.
  • Increased parking and amenity space for Sun Hill Schools.

Buffer zones:

  • At least 50m wide on the parish boundary, from the railway line down to Whitehill Lane, to limit further expansion to the East.
  • To protect existing housing together with a detailed plan on safeguarding them from flooding.

We will oppose:

  • Any vehicular access from the new development onto Sun Lane
  • Gypsy & Traveller site adjacent to Sun Lane
  • Development on any other SHLAA site.

A comprehensive traffic plan is key to the entire project and we are sure that residents will engage with the developers during September when they plan to hold workshops to hear your views and suggestions on how they can mitigate the problems the extra traffic their development will bring to the town that we wish to safeguard.

We would like to thank you for all your contributions over the past few months.

The consultation carried out by WCC, which concluded in February, is still being analysed and we await the report for consideration.

The closing date for comments on the plans presented at the recent exhibition has now passed and we will be publishing the results here shortly.

WCC are required to submit a draft District Plan Part 2 - which was planned for July 2014, but as consultation is required on the draft, it has been delayed until October as the summer holiday season is not the best time for consultation. You will be able to make comment on the District plan and we will publicise dates and where to send comments.

Household waste recycling centres – have your say

Hampshire County Council are reviewing the household waste recycling centre (HWRC) service and want your feedback on how they can continue to deliver a service that meets the needs of Hampshire residents and represents good value for money for the council taxpayer. If you don’t currently use the sites, they’d still like to hear your views in case there is anything they could do to make the service more accessible to you in the future. They welcome any feedback from local businesses, charitable or community organisations and anyone else with an interest in the service. The survey finishes on 22 August and can be completed here

East Street Lighting

A public meeting in respect of East Street lights was held recently and it was agreed that the three existing street lights would be retained with no additional lights on the south side. The replacement lamps will be heritage style more in keeping with the conservation area as shown here.

Whilst the lights in Station Road, Station Approach and the north of Jacklyns Lane have been replaced they still await the ‘cosmetic’ additions to make them heritage style. This will be done in the next few weeks.

The majority of the other street lamps in Alresford have now been replaced but work still remains to be done to replace existing similar lights in Broad Street and the Churchyard.

Market Town Manager

We have decided to participate in the WCC Market Towns Development scheme and a Market Town Development Officer, sometimes referred to as a Town Centre Manager, has now been appointed and she will dedicate one day a week to Alresford. The role of this person will not be to interfere in existing events but she will look at ways in which new activities can be introduced. For example Jubilee and Anniversary celebrations and commemorations as well as other community based activities that can fill the gaps particularly through the middle of the year.

Hanging Baskets

The number of Up-the-Pole planters has been increased to include the four lights on Pound Hill. If you would like to sponsor an Up-the-Pole planter at £60 please contact us. Last year’s display was one of the best and we are hoping for a repeat performance this year especially as we have acquired a new water bowser which should bring more reliability to the watering and feeding.

The Up-the-Pole planters in East Street and West Street will be hung once the street lamps have been replaced.

The Soke

Traffic through The Soke continues to cause problems and we now understand that installing traffic lights is not HCC’s preferred solution. Their concern is the amount of unregulated traffic movement there would be between the lights with private access roads and car parking outside The Globe.
They are currently undertaking a further study to see what options are available to better control traffic flow.
HCC will update all interested parties on the outcome of the study which was expected in early March but has not yet been received.

Clearance of Public Footpaths

We have received numerous complaints in respect of public footpaths being obstructed by over hanging vegetation from resident’s gardens. We would ask, that where properties abut public footpaths residents ensure that it is not blocking pedestrian passageway. It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure that any growth which overhangs a public footpath is cut back regularly to ensure safe passage of pedestrians or passers-by.

Dog Waste Bins

It is now possible for dog waste to be disposed of in normal waste bins and during the course of 2014 the dedicated dog waste bins will be phased out. Advisory signs will be posted on ordinary waste bins and additional waste bins will be provided when the red bins are removed. This should bring a considerable saving to the Council and hopefully prevent dog owners hanging unwanted plastic bags in hedges.

River Path - remedial work to culvert scheduled for end of July

For some months we have been in negotiation with the County Council (HCC) regarding the repairs to the broken culvert outside the Memorial Gardens. They have now advised us that they have no responsibility for the maintenance of the path and that it is the landowner’s responsibility to make the necessary repairs. Whilst the path adjoins the Memorial Gardens it is not actually owned by the Town Council and there is no registered owner of the land.

The culvert originally supplied water to the swimming pool in the Memorial Gardens which was filled in during the 1960s. We are therefore now exploring whether the culvert can simply be filled in as there is a further culvert downstream that supplies the ponds on the south side of the river. We have now established with the Environment Agency that the culvert cannot be filled in but it has been agreed that emergency work can be undertaken to stem the flow. This is scheduled to be undertaken at the end of July.

The footpath has been closed to avoid danger to walkers and it would be appreciated if this can be respected whilst the work is undertaken.

Broad Street Paving

You will have noticed the increasing amounts of tarmac appearing between the paving slabs in Broad Street. This has been done as a temporary measure as Hampshire County Council (HCC) HCC is unable to match the existing slabs with anything currently available. Following discussions with HCC it has been agreed that all vehicle accesses in Broad Street will be laid with ‘cobbles’ as has been done outside the Horse and Groom. This should release sufficient slabs to infill in other areas to replace the missing and damaged slabs.

Bollards in Broad Street continue to be knocked down and it is essential that when these are re-instated they are set in concrete or they continue to be uprooted. Concrete does not sit well with the existing slabs so all future bollard replacements will be set in concrete a little below pavement level and will finished off with a coloured artificial surfacing to match the existing slabs.

Sun Lane

We are in the process of seeking HCC’s endorsement to the SLR (the lit speed limit sign) being used in Sun Lane in addition to other areas of the town. We have also raised the question again with HCC that Sun Lane be declared unsuitable for large vehicles and that a sign to that effect be erected at the junction with East Street.


Roads - Potholes everywhere

Go to for the easiest way to report them and get them fixed.

West Street Improvements

It has now been agreed that Hampshire County Council (HCC) will undertake the work to improve the crossing at Jacklyns Lane and West Street this August. Details of the improvements can be viewed at the Town Offices, The Co-op, by the Post Office counter, and on the Environment page.  The existing junction layout will be kept but crossing points for pedestrians will be installed in Jacklyns Lane and at the bottom of West Street.
The area in front of the Co-op will be pedestrianised with on street parking extended in front of the store.
Once this work has been completed we will be looking at how we can finish the pedestrian improvements on the south side of West Street between the Co-op and Station Road.

The Town Council offices can be located in Arlebury Park off The Avenue and are open to the public weekdays between the hours of 11.00 and 1.00.

Meetings start at 19.30 at The ARC unless otherwise stated.

Forthcoming 2014 Meetings

July 29 Special Town Council Meeting 7.30

August 7 Planning 7.30


Agendas are published approximately 3 clear days prior to the meeting and can be obtained from the Town Office.

Minutes of previous meetings can be accessed from the main menu. Only approved Full Town Council minutes are uploaded to the web site.

All meetings are open to the public and we welcome your attendance at meetings

Public Access Computing

If you know somebody who would like to have access to this web site but does not have a computer they can use the Public Access Computer in the Town Council Offices. Available Monday to Friday 11am - 1pm. This service gives access to many Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council services. A public access computer is also available at the Public Library